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How to Plant a Live Christmas Tree:

  • You should make sure you dig the hole in the ground for planting before any danger of the next freeze and bring the dirt that you remove from the hole inside, to keep it from freezing.

  • Remember, your tree is a living plant, so water the tree regularly to keep the rootball damp.

  • Avoiding extreme temperature transitions will be the key to your success in this project. In terms of placement in the house during its stay inside, place the tree in the coolest spot that you can find in the house. The less time the tree spends in the warm house, the better.

  • The day after Christmas, your tree will need to begin a 2 week transitional period in terms of temperature: it needs to get out of the warm house and into a sheltered, unheated area such as a storage shed or garage.

  • After it's acclamation, you can plant it using the dirt you removed from the hole earlier.  The top of the rootball should end up level with the ground, or just slightly above.

  • If the roots came wrapped in burlap, this is the time to remove it.

  • Water your newly-planted tree and apply mulch but don't  it up against the trunk. 3" of mulch is ideal: any more than that may cause more problems.

  • If decorating the tree with outdoor Christmas tree lights, choose small lights that don't give off much heat.  Heat could damage the tree's needles.